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Magazine Ad Billing and Collections

SmartPublisher™ includes a robust accounts receivable system designed for the advertising billing and collection needs of magazine publishers. With SmartPublisher™ you’ll have the tools to generate and email ad quotes, send invoices and statements to customers, and create detailed financial reports.


  • PCI compliant secure online credit card processing supporting over a dozen payment gateways
  • Debit and credit memos
  • Integrates with Quickbooks
  • Automated recurring payments saves time
  • Graphical comparison reports
  • Automated digital tear sheets
  • Paperless invoices and statements cut costs
  • Reconciliation report, daily cash postings
  • Invoice monthly, weekly or daily

  • Many statement styles and formats
  • Robust commission rules and reports
  • View-only accounting reports for reps reduces accounting workload
  • Collection letters with merge field capabilities
  • Intelligent collection features with filters and merge field templates
  • View credit limits, credit holds, and finance charges
  • Create automated reports
  • View aging by entity, publication, ad type or rep
  • View aging report for different dates

Sales Accounting Module